The University Exploratory Studies Program (UESP) is the academic home for students who have chosen to explore their options prior to deciding on a major. There are many components to this process and our students often have questions about how to proceed, how to gather more information, and how to take full advantage of opportunities and resources available to them.

With this in mind, UESP occassionally prepares brief informational videos to answer some of these questions, remind students of university policies & proceedures, and occasionally share the exploration experiences of former students.

Below you will find an archive of UESP Videos: 

Former UESP Students Talk About Their Exploration Experiences

Lauren Morganthaler, Sociology Major


Elizabeth Whitman, Human Development and Family Sciences Major


Beth Nicholls, Geography and Psychology Major
Hannah Mahoney, History and Speech Communication Major

Check out how Hannah has been pursuing her interests of late!

Finding your Priority Registration Date

Need to know when you're going to register?  Concerned that you might have holds?  Here's a video that explains one way that you can find that info.  Please note, this video was shot before we got the new MyOSU Portal. You can also find your priority registration date using a link found on the student page of the Portal.


Ready to Declare?

Spring term is a popular time for UESP students to declare.  Some of you may be getting very close to this decision and may be curious about your next steps.  Here's a video that explains some resources you have at your disposal for this process.

In the video, Kerry mentions a page on our web site with more information.  You can find that page here.