Click here for general information about our appointment protocols during COVID.

Current UESP Students - How to Schedule with your Assigned Advisor

  1. First, find your assigned advisor:
    • Go to
    • Look for a link on this dashboard page to “MyDegrees”
    • When you log into MyDegrees, you should see either Kerry Kincanon, Shannon Shivers,Holly Hisamoto, Haley Okamoto or Rebekah Short listed as your primary advisor in the first box on your MyDegrees Checklist. If you don't see anyone listed or you see a different name, you are welcome to meet with Holly, Shannon, or Kerry.
    • You may see a second advisor listed there. You are welcome to book with that person if their schedule better corresponds with your availability.
    • If Kasey Smith was your advisor last year, we've reassigned you to a different advisor. Kasey has completed her graduate degree and is shifting to a new position on campus!
  2. Look at the UESP Staff List table below and click the appropriate link to see how to book with your assigned advisor.

Are you a New Student for winter 2023?

Congrats on your admission to OSU! Advising for new students is part of OSU's START orientation process that will happen in December and early January. Click here for more details on signing up for this process.

Not Currently in UESP?

If you are thinking about a change of major or just want to talk with one of our advisors... call our office at 541-737-8144 or Book a Non-UESP student appointment.

UESP Staff List

Photo Name Phone Email address

Appointment Scheduling for

Currently Enrolled OSU Students

Kerry Kincanon, UESP Director & Head Advisor  (541) 737-8144 [email protected] Schedule with Kerry
Shannon Shivers, UESP Coordinator of Instruction and Outreach  (541) 737-8144 [email protected]


Schedule with Shannon

Holly Hisamoto, UESP Academic Advisor (541) 737-8144 [email protected]


Schedule with Holly

Haley Okamoto, UESP Graduate Teaching Assistant and Advisor (541)737-8144 [email protected] Schedule with Haley
Rebekah Short, UESP Graduate Advising Intern (summer and fall 2022, winter 2023)   [email protected]

Rebekah will be available for in-person or Zoom appointments in winter term 2023 starting in week 5

Schedule with Rebekah

Crystal Laine, Office Specialist (541) 737-8144 [email protected]  


COVID 19 Update for UESP appointments for 2022-2023

UESP will offer both Zoom and in-person appointment options this year. Most, but not all, of our advisors will have Bookings appointment options for both remote and in-person appointments. Click on your advisor's scheduling information above to see what options are available.  If you do choose an in-person, you are welcome but not required to wear a mask. If you are not feeling well, please reschedule or call our office at 541-737-8144 and request to be switched to a Zoom appointment.

Currently declared, but thinking about a change in direction?

It is a very common experience for students to realize that their initial major choice is not the right fit.  If that is your experience, don't panic!  UESP is here to help you figure out which major direction at OSU is right for you.  You're welcome to switch to UESP or even just consult with one of our advisors.  Either way just requires that you make an appointment as we want to make sure we have enough time to have a good conversation with you.  Call our office at 541-737-8144 or Book Online Here.

Considering coming to OSU?

If you are prospective OSU student (first year or Transfer), OSU has suspended campus tours,but we encourage you to keep your eyes on the Visit Center website for updates on alternative options for learning more about academic programs at OSU.  We are also happy to set up a video chat or phone call with you during that time.  To talk about options, just contact us at 541-737-8144 or at [email protected], or if you'd like, you can Book Online Here (choose the "Considering Coming to OSU?" appointment option).