UESP Staff List

Click here for general information about appointment scheduling for current UESP students and students considering changing from their current declared major. If you are currently in UESP, you can find your assigned advisor by logging into your MyDegrees and looking at your Degree Checklist.

Photo Name Phone Email address Details for currently enrolled students on scheduling advising appointments to plan for fall 2020 classes
Kerry Kincanon, UESP Director & Head Advisor  (541) 737-8144 Kerry.Kincanon@oregonstate.edu Click here to see details on how to schedule with Kerry
Joanna Abbott, Coordinator of Career and Major Decision Making Program/Academic Advisor  (541) 737-8144


Joanna will be out of the office until early September 2020.  If you normally meet with her for advising and need to meet with advisor, please schedule with Kerry Kincanon or Shannon Shivers.
Shannon Shivers, UESP Academic Advisor  (541) 737-8144 Shannon.Shivers@oregonstate.edu Click here to see details on how to schedule with Shannon
Rebecca Falleur, UESP Graduate Teaching Assistant and Academic Advisor  (541) 737-8144 Rebecca.Falleur@oregonstate.edu Click here to see details on how to schedule with Rebecca
Crystal Laine, Office Specialist (541) 737-8144 Crystal.Laine@oregonstate.edu  
Rachel Polisher, Office Specialist (541) 737-8144 Rachel.Polisher@oregonstate.edu  


COVID 19 Update for UESP appointments after March 14, 2020 and into Spring Term 2020

Per the university recommendations and protocol, UESP, for the foreseeable future, will be moving away from in-person appointments and utilizing the Zoom platform for video/audio conference appointments. Zoom is a highly user-friendly platform, and while not exactly a replacement for face-to-face appointment, it is an outstanding alternative.  When you contact us for an appointment online through Handshake* or by calling 541-737-8144, we will provide you with information on what you need to meet with your advisor through Zoom.  This platform provides a variety of levels to connect - ranging from audio through a phone call, audio and visuals through a smart phone or computer, and even video with visuals. If you have questions about how this will work, don't hesitate to reach out to us by emailing your assigned advisor (which you can find listed on your MyDegrees Checklist) or our general UESP account at at uesp.advisor@oregonstate.edu.  **PLEASE NOTE** It is like that our office line (541-737-8144) will go to voicemail. Please leave a message, and we will return your call as soon as we are able. Here are instructions on how to schedule in Handshake if you haven't done it before.

*Are you a current advisee of Joanna Abbott? Joanna will be away this summer. If she is your assigned advisor, and you need to speak to someone this summer, you can schedule with either Kerry Kincanon or Shannon Shivers (see above for details on how to do so).

Are you an advisee of Megan Roegner? We are so excited for Megan as she will be joining OSU's College of Engineering as the Head Advisors in Civil and Construction Engineering.  If you are still in UESP and have met with Megan in the past, we've assigned you a new advisor.  You'll see that your MyDegrees Checklist has been updated to show your new UESP Advisor.

If you are prospective OSU student (first year or Transfer), OSU has suspended campus tours and visit events until April 30th at the earliest.  We encourage you to keep your eyes on the Visit Center website for updates on alternative options for learning more about academic programs at OSU.  We are also happy to set up a video chat or phone call with you during that time.  To talk about options, just contact us at 541-737-8144 or at uesp.advisor@oregonstate.edu.

Currently declared, but thinking about a change in direction?

It is a very common experience for students to realize that their initial major choice is not the right fit.  If that is your experience, don't panic!  UESP is here to help you figure out which major direction at OSU is right for you.  You're welcome to switch to UESP or even just consult with one of our advisors.  Either way just requires that you make an appointment as we want to make sure we have enough time to have a good conversation with  you.  Call our office at 541-737-8144 or use the online tool Handshake to schedule a consultation with a UESP Advisor.  Here are instructions on how to schedule appointments using Handshake.