Welcome to the SuperStrong!


The SuperStrong is a 60-item assessment designed to help you explore career and academic options. It is a shortened version of the Strong Interest Inventory (SII), the most frequently used career assessment. The SuperStrong is digital and mobile friendly! You will get results instantly and you can interact with results by connecting to information from reputable career websites. In addition, you can log in to review your results and research careers 24/7! 

You will need a promo code to access the SuperStrong. Students enrolled in ALS 114, as well as those in the EXPLORE Living Learning Community will receive a promo code.  Current UESP students can also request a promo code from their UESP advisor.

Go to vitanavis.com/oregonstate and sign up using your unique promo code and Oregon State email address (create a password for this site of your choosing).

Next, please enter your first and last name.

Then, you will see these instructions:

You will then be asked to rate your interest in 60 activities and subjects (from strongly like to strongly dislike). You will immediately receive your results, called SuperStrong Insights!

  • Your results include your Interest Code, a 3-letter code corresponding to your strongest interest areas. While the SuperStrong assessess 6 different interest types, your responses to the inventory provide your 3 top resulting in your Interest Code. In this section, you can click on each type or theme to learn about people with that type.
  • The next section, Occupational Themes, shows the interests, work activities, skills, and values that align with your results.
  • Then, you will see Personal Styles. This section shows where you fall on a spectrum of preferences toward work style, learning environment, leadership style, risk taking, and team orientation.
  • Lastly, you will see your top 6 Career Interests. You have the option to rate these careers, which will allow you to gain more information and personalize your results. Be sure to click save to store these ratings.

Next, you can view Career Pathways (under Tools). You can click on each career interest to view specific career fields. Clicking on those specific careers will show a pop-up window with a Job Summary including the job outlook (will you be able to find a job in this field?), description, work activities, and average salary. You can click on Job Details where you can view information about the requirements, workday, skills and more information. Under “More Info” you will see links to Explore ONET and Next steps for education (both are career sites with detailed information). You can also click on Education, which will include educational programs as options for that specific career. This information is not specific to Oregon State University.

Click on Oregon State (under Organizations) to find more information about the programs available at Oregon State that match with your career areas. The programs listed do include undergraduate and graduate degrees, so be sure to talk with your advisor about your major options. On this page, there is a link to the online catalog, which includes detailed information about the undergraduate major and minor options. There is also a link to the undergraduate programs available through Ecampus (distance learning at Oregon State). Additionally, you can find links to Academic Advising, Career Development Center, Academic Success Center, and Ecampus Student Success Counseling.

Have fun exploring your career and major options! Remember, you can log in at any time to revisit your results and do research to aid your academic and career decision-making. Sharing these results and reflecting on them with your advisor, family, friends or a career counselor can help you determine next steps on your journey.