First Year Advising Syllabus

A high volume of our population is First-Year Students. We adhere closely to the tenets outlined in OSU's First-Year Advising Syllabus.  Click the image below to access this document and more details about the advisor-advisee relationship.


UESP Program Goals and Advising Outcomes

UESP Program Goals

  • Provide a structured and supportive environment for students to explore OSU’s academic options
  • Assist students in understanding the nature, purpose, and potential of higher education
  • Provide knowledgeable, informed, and accessible advisors
  • Collaborate with students to clarify interests, values, and abilities to aid their meaning-making and major selection
  • Introduce and promote utilization of university resources and degree progress technology
  • Regularly communicate with students regarding classroom and experiential opportunities to aid their major decision-making.
  • Perpetuate a program culture of excellence and continuous improvement.

UESP Advising Outcomes

  1. Per the university requirement, UESP students should complete the First Year Skills courses (Writing I, Speech, and Mathematics) in the Baccalaureate Core by the time they have earned 45 OSU-generated credits, and the Second Year Skills course (Writing II) by the time they have finished 90 OSU-generated credits.
  2. UESP students should know how to access and utilize MyDegrees, OSU’s online degree audit system.
  3. UESP students should engage with active exploration activities and resources.
  4. UESP students should pursue involvement outside of the classroom.
  5. UESP students should set goals related to major declaration in alignment with UESP’s defined major–decision making process.