Current UESP students, see our Student FAQ for questions that arise often!

It's Time for Advising! 

During the COVID-19 response, we will be advising remotely through Zoom. To get your appointment, please see the details on our Staff List and Appointment Scheduling section.

Currently enrolled, and having trouble with fall 2020 registration?

Consult our Registration Troubleshooting Checklist for answers to common questions.  If you get stuck, connect with your advisor.

Currently declared, but thinking about changing your major?

It's a very common experience for students to realize that their initial major choice is not the right fit. If that's your experience, don't panic! UESP is here to help you figure out which direction is right for you. You're welcome to switch to UESP or even just consult with one of our advisors. Either way only requires that you make an appointment.  See our Staff List and Appointment Scheduling section for info on how to get on our calendar.

Need help staying accountable and on top of your academic obligations?

Check out the resources at The Academic Success Center and/or consult the Zero to Success in 77 Days document.

Click the image to access a PDF of our 2020-21 UESP Handbook